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Monday, April 30, 2012

Orchard in Bloom

As always, weather is critical at an outdoor show. 46 degrees with a stiff wind and rain is not good. As a result, Orchard in Bloom, which is normally one of my best shows became a break even deal, with most of the vendors just glad to survive to get to their cars and a warm heater. I spent the whole time with long underwear, two fleeces, a down vest and a raincoat with a hood, shivering in my booth. These experiences underscore the joy of a warm lovely day like today. Bitterness and anger at the forces of nature is useless. The vendors all are good soldiers and we had a chance to talk and learn from each other. It is a source of pride to have withstood the trials of such a weekend. I was happy to be sweating mowing my yard today. I went by my snipe spot and they were still there just before dusk last night after I unloaded at my shop and was headed home. I is amazing to me that the snipe are in an area perhaps twenty feet wide and maybe a quarter mile long and nowhere else. I marvel that they are able to find enough food in such a small area over such along period of time. I had hoped to be able to witness the courtship display, but no luck. I will finish up my mirrors for Idaho tomorrow and can resume my normal routine, with maybe some fishing in the White river.
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