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Friday, May 4, 2012

A little break

I have finally finished and delivered the 58 rustic birchbark mirrors that have absorbed so much time over the last 5 weeks. Orchard in Bloom is over and I took some of my handmade rustic willow furniture to the Houston Brick building in Lewisville for their spring bazaar. My old friends sue and Tom Saunders have always been very kind and supportive. I have had a flurry of sales recently. I have been accepted into the Fort Wayne art museum Paradigm gallery and will be there for their opening May tenth from 5-7:30.I took 48 pieces to them on Wednesday and enjoyed a leisurely drive back after a high speed I 69 run up. I was able to stop at one of my favorite places, hanging rock, on the Wabash river just east of Lagro. It is always a spiritual thing to visit this very distinctive spot, because so many people have been there over millennia. Lasalle, Tecumseh, who knows? I highly recommend it. Tomorrow I will try to restore some order and harmony to my shop. It is a lot easier when some of it is gone. I saw a kingbird today at Provence Pond, and also a yellow warbler. I have been hearing orioles and Tennessee warbler.
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