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Friday, July 20, 2012

Gruenwald house/ Indiana Artisan headquarters

Put my handmade rustic willow furniture out on the lawn of the Gruenwald House in Anderson. They have a lovely luncheon several times during the year and it was nice to sit and talk to patrons and watch the goings on in the downtown Anderson where I used to work. Not a lot of sales but I had a wonderful lunch and was able to coordinate this with taking a load of my handmade rustic furniture to the Indiana Artisans headquarters in Alexandria. This is a wonderful old gas boom Victorian building not unlike my shop. Indiana Artisans has been assisted by the Gaither family in obtaining this building and a few grants will save it for posterity and make it a place with tremendous integrity for Indiana Artisans. It is very large and the possibilities are wide open. At present, IA is photographing and organizing items for sale through their website. Eventually art patrons will be able to visit the site and see items as well as take classes. Director Eric Freeman and Roz Demaree were helpful as always and tremendously supportive. Hats off to them! No time lately for leisurely wildlife observation due to car trouble, but I did note that the rivers and stream are up six inches. It was lovely to see the rains and cooler temps.
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