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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August in Lapel

The heat has slowed down my production of my handmade rustic willow furniture. Sales have been pretty good. I am doing a rustic willow fence in Anderson tomorrow, and am doing the something special luncheon at the Gruenwald house in Anderson on Friday. I will take some of my willow wreathes to Indiana Artisans in Alexandria afterwards. On Saturday I will take some of my stuff to decorate a home in the Geist area to Stage the property for sale. Busy, busy. The last few weeks have been very easy with lots of dozens of night crawlers being fed to the Smallmouth who live in the pool where I fish on the White river near Perkinsvile. I have caught quite a few healthy Smallmouth, a few Largemouth and many rock bass. I work very hard all year and plan for the doldrums of summer to fish. There will not be many more days where it is hot enough to go waist deep in the river. Usually about the first part of october, and that is it for the year until next June. The country living show is coming up rapidly and while I am ready for it,I always spazz on running out of stuff. The economy has slowed the need for production, but there has lately been an uptick in demand. I have been observing soft-shell and snapping turtles on Stony creek west of Lapel on Pilgrim Road. I am impressed by the ancientness of these wonderful creatures who are so at home in their world.
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