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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Spent my birthday doing the things I like to do. Took a drive to Mt Summit and got a couple of the world's best ham sandwiches at Sparky's Dog house cooked in beer. Hot pepper cheese makes it so good. Stopped at nearby Provence Pond and ate them while scanning the pond for any signs of migration. Saw a couple of yellowrumped warblers. Went down to Liken's sawmill and picked up some oak firewood. Went by uncle Joes and scattered some bittersweet near his cabin. It just makes me sad to go there since his death. I did fish a little in Sixmile creek, but there is a large walnut tree that has fallen smack in the middle of the deep pool there, making fishing very difficult. I did catch a smallmouth, but he was the smallest one I have ever caught. What once was an uplifting trip where I could talk with Uncle Joe is no more. I went to Lafayette trace and saw an orchard oriole and a female rose breasted grosebeak. Lots of warblers,yellowthroats and kinglets around. I have also seen lots of warblers in my back yard, but it is virtually impossible to identify them as they never stop moving. My buddy Goeff Davis and his wife Julie stopped by the shop on Sunday after they had been to the Toast in Anderson for breakfast. I nearly have the shop redone, so it is back to making my handmade rustic willow furniture again. I will set up two arbors for wedding s this week and I will get ready to go to Alexandria to do the Gaither fall festival October 5-6. I will go to Arcadia to remove my stuff from the Gallery there. Another one bites the dust.
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