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Friday, September 28, 2012

Foggy day

Stopped at my favorite spot at Lafayette Trace park on White river. There is a small unnamed stream flowing by the access road and I stopped there and used my van as a blind. I was rewarded with a flock of Tenessee warblers that came within a few feet of me. I was able to see them very well with the naked eye. I also saw a swamp sparrow and a pair of rose breasted grosbeaks chasing each other around. I heard the melodic song and flight calls too. I have seen the swamp sparrows and grosbeaks here in the spring as well. This spot is an open meadow with goldenrod and ragweed surrounded by a larger area of second growth trees with a few trees that the birds seem to utilize as lookout posts. Also lots of yellowthroats which I see here year round. Very nice to see these bird so closely. This morning I heard a screech owl in the pine tree in my back yard, a real sign of the advancing fall season. I set up one of my arbors in a church in Cicero last night and I have another to do next week. I have also been working on some large picture frames for a friend and will get to work on some swing frames soon. My friend Bruce Neckar came by to catch me up about the Judge Stone house in Noblesville where he will share a studio with John Reynolds. He will also have classes to teach drawing and painting. I have number of his bird prints in my shop. He is a fellow birder and highly respected artist. Next weekend I will be at the Gaither Fall Festival in Alexandria Friday and Saturday. The shop will be closed during that time.
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