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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spiffing up the shop

Going to a big show like country living always seems to leave the shop looking like it has been ransacked. I spent the day putting things back in order,sweeping and rearranging. Several visitors came by. Coby Palmer the floral designer came by. I am doing a wedding huppah for one of his clients. A huppah is the same as an arbor, and I look forward to putting it together. I am doing two weddings the same day and I will be taking my stuff to the Houston Brick in Lewisville. My old friends Tom and Sue Saunders have invited me to their semiannual events for over ten years. They were instrumental in getting the wonderful old 1845 building in Lewisville restored and it now serves as the town utility office and community center. They have a fall, Christmas and spring bazaar and I have always been proud to be a part of their well-done events. In addition, my buddy John Bundy came to take advantage of the free beer for life that I granted him in a weak moment. Some of his buddies also came by. They are planning to renovate a place in lapel into a destination restaurant that serves their bison meat products. We are working on a deal to do the bar and furnishings. This will be a large longterm project and it is just the sort of thing we have been itching to do. I will go cut some willows for my friends at the Flower Cartin Pendleton so that they can make their own arbor for a wedding. It is nice to have some exciting interesting things on my plate.
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