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Monday, September 17, 2012

Country living wrap up.

After a very successful three days at the Country Living Fair in Columbus,Ohio, Linda and I are back home. We both feel like we have been blackjacked and are tired and sore from the intensity of the show. We have done shows for years, but this show has a tenfold order of magnitude factor in terms of numbers of people and also numbers of sales. I hurt my arm opening hundreds of plastic bags to bag customers purchases. We met lots of people and as I am always asking people where they are from, I was amazed at the distances travelled by attendees. A lady from Traverse City Michigan drove nine hours to get there. Missouri, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, just amazing. Other artists and vendors said they did well. We saw people carrying lots and lots of purchases. Most gratifying was the number of people who returned to purchase items from us from previous years and it was very gratifying to me to hear from a large number of people who mentioned they read my blog. As I am a dinosaur and lack the equipment to put photos on my blog, people have been reading it anyway,EVEN WITHOUT PHOTOS! WOW! We are both happy to be home and back to a more leisurely life. I unloaded my stuff and am in the process of getting the shop back into some type of presentability. It was nice to grill a steak on my grill for lunch and kick back in my favorite rocking chair with a few cold ones. My niece Erika and my buddy Joe Green stopped by and I had several customers and inquiries. After the intensity of the show, it was nice to get back to the familiar tidal rhythims of daily life in Lapel.
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