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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

End of summer

After the hottest, dryest summer I can remember, cool weather is coming, coinciding with Saturday's equinox marking the beginning of autumn. The leaves are starting to change, woolyworms are crawling across the road, I smelled five or six skunks on the way to Columbus and I saw a large bolus of redwings this morning. There was a dead pine Siskin that had hit a window at my shop. I may see pine siskins rarely at my feeder, but this looks like migration. I have not been able to follow my usual wildlife trails this week, and I an eager to get back to it. The cycle of the seasons always brings new things to see. I do not know if I will be able to go wading again. Everyone seems to feel that the drought will be followed by a harsh winter. We will see. I was sad to remove my stuff from the Artists on the Square gallery today as it has come to an end. Financial pressures have struck again. The declining and now stagnant economy has hit the arts especially hard. I will be exhibiting my stuff at the Gaither studio in Alexandria October 5-6. I will be joined by my friend John Bundy and some other Indiana Artisans.
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