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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Indie Vintage Market at the Fountains

It was very gratifying to be part of a successful inaugural show Saturday at the Fountains in Carmel. John Bundy had a great show, selling a number of his wonderful ducks and his wife Valarie selling a goodly amount of the antiques she and John have acquired over the years. The vendors were happy with sales and attendance was very good despite the competition for buyers from all the retailers at the kickoff of the holiday buying season. Architectural items were very hot and the items on display were impressive. There will be another market at the Fountains January 26, and it appears that it will be an every other month event until spring brings a return to Glendale for the outdoor shows. During the loading, I heard the unmistakeable sound of Sandhills high above. There were about a hundred or so and they were circling as if to land, but disappeared into the low clouds. I was in the middle of the loading so I was unable to follow up on them as I would have loved to do. I saw another larger flock as Linda and I were turning off highway 32 at Millcreek drive. There were three or four hundred flying in a wide noisy V. I had just read in Skip Hess's column in the Star that he was wondering when the migration would begin. Looks like he was right on target. I gathered a large amount of knocked down corn from the field behind my home and watched as the fat squirrels ran up the trees and onto the telephone lines to their lairs. It does keep them from raiding my feeders and it is amazing to see them run up the trees with a whole ear of corn. I am happy to help them. There have been tons of titmice and chickadees at the feeders, but few cardinals. We usually have dozens.
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