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Monday, July 29, 2013

Gathering willows

Took advantage of the cooler temperatures to cut a load of willows today. I almost stepped on a snipe who was hiding in the willows next to the pond. Closest I have ever been to one. He exploded straight up, scaring me at first, but it was easy to see what he was. I also ran over to Knightstown to see what was available in the scrap pile, but there was not anything worth picking up.stopped by Dave Hulse's and found a few pieces there, but he wasn't there. He certainly has been busy. He has stacks and stacks of bundles of wood and logs galore. It was nice to get away from the shop for a change.

I put the second coat of varnish on four of my slabs from last year. They are well cured and after being sanded and varnished they look great. Bundy emailed me today. Sales have been going well at Bear's Mill. We are probably going to have to take more stuff over.
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