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Friday, July 19, 2013

Show at Bear's Mill, Greenville, Ohio

GREENVILLE – Historic Bear's Mill's gallery space will be filled with the unique work of two highly regarded Indiana craftsmen during the month of August. From July 26 through Aug. 25, “Art at the Mill” will feature hand-carved duck decoys by John Bundy as well as rustic willow furniture pieces created by Greg Adams. The exhibit opens with a Friday evening reception from 6-9 p.m.; the artists will speak briefly at 7 p.m. about their work, motivations, and processes.

“These artists are well-known for their traditional, creative work; we are very excited to welcome them to the Mill,” said Julie Clark, retail manager and gallery coordinator for Bear's Mill. “Greg has gained fame by bending willow saplings to make attractive, functional chairs, tables, stools, and smaller pieces for over 20 years; John Bundy's duck decoys are displayed in foreign palaces as well as at the White House, the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, and other sites around the world,” Ms. Clark stated.

Descended from generations of craftsmen, John Bundy started carving wooden decoys in the late 1970's. “We discovered our unique process of using the natural grain of the wood for a pattern when we made a mistake in the finish on pieces we were creating as family Christmas presents,” Mr. Bundy explains. He uses a unique overlay process which combines the natural wood grain and color with a shiny finish to create what have been called the most beautiful duck decoys in the world. According to Bundy, duck decoys are a truly American art form, with the first decoys being made over 1000 years ago by Native Americans.

Greg Adams took a pair of trimmers to some willow on a slow fishing day in 1984, and wove his first basket. After research and practice, he joined the art show circuit, first selling willow baskets and wreaths, and eventually adding furniture to his repertory. Using black willow that he finds growing wild near his shop in Lapel, Indiana, Mr. Adams works quickly to form his pieces before the material dries and becomes less pliable. The son of a skilled carpenter, Adams says that his designs have been refined over time, and that testing renders them both very sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. 

The contemporary metal sculpture of Dayton artist Jeff Rutledge along with colorful contemporary prints created by former Greenville resident Molly Mote remain on display at Bear's Mill throughSunday, July 21. “Art At the Mill” has received funding from the Ami McClurkin Community Fund, held by the HOPE Foundation of Darke County, and is also supported by Darke County Endowment for the Arts. The art exhibit is on view during regular Mill store hours, 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. daily. Historic Bear's Mill is operated by Friends of Bear's Mill, a non-profit organization, and is located at 6450 Arcanum-Bear's Mill Road about 5 miles east of Greenville. For more information, contact Bear's Mill at 548-5112 or

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