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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wading White River

The recent dry spell has caused the river to begin to clear and the levels to recede. For weeks the river has run high, like a torrent of chocolate milk. It is not much fun to fish in such water. I went wading Monday and Tuesday, and each hour the river clears more. I caught fifteen fish on Monday, and perhaps twenty yesterday. A couple of small largemouth bass, quite a few big rock bass, some running more than a pound, very healthy and stout. I also caught a wide range of smallmouth, including one that would have run two pounds if it had not broken my line just as I had it within a couple of feet of me.

The river felt very cool on a hot humid day and both days there were flotillas of canoes and kayaks filled with people enjoying the river. They were soon way out of sight as the water was flowing swiftly where I was fishing, at the deep ends of a couple of rapids, casting comfortably out of the sun in the shade of sycamore trees. Great Crested flycatchers were flying all around and cedar waxwings were lisping along the treetops along the banks.

I heard lots of cricket frogs and bull frogs along the bank, and painted turtles were basking on the logs.

Returning to the launch area at Perkinsville, for the second time in two days I picked up a load of trash left by people who have no regard for the beauty of this lovely place. I am continually amazed at the crassness of people. I cannot understand the unthinking disregard evident in such stupid behavior.
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