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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bundling bittersweet and setting up at the Pendleton Arts Society

Bruce Neckar, John Reynolds and I spent the day yesterday setting up our display at the Pendleton Arts Society headquarters, 136 West Water Street in Pendleton. Bruce and John are expert at hanging a show and the results of their efforts look great. I brought in some of my larger pieces and John Bundy will bring his ducks and some tables in tomorrow. We are unsure what to expect, but we are very flattered to be invited to exhibit at their nice space. Our exhibit will be open Friday and Saturday September 6-7 from 9-6. It will remain up for a month, but the hours are as yet unclear.

The Pendleton Arts Society is a very vigorous outfit with sixty or more members. They have an exhibit of their own work at the Madison county department of tourism and they will be showing and demonstrating at Gaia Foods on the main drag in Pendleton during the Heritage Festival September 6-7.

Back at the shop, I spent the day working on the mammoth pile of bittersweet I gathered over the last couple of days. Cutting the chaotic pile into discreet bundles that I can pack up and haul to the Country Living show next week in Columbus,Ohio, has left my hands sore and my mind eager for some less repetitive work. The people of Lapel seem to appreciate the yearly ritual of me hanging the bundles to dry on the front of my shop. It is nice to mark the changing of the seasons in this way and I am reminded that it will only be six months until I do the same sort of thing with pussywillows.
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