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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Elbow Room First Friday

My buddy John Bundy and I went downtown to scout the First Friday art show at the Elbow Room at the corner of Pennsyvania and North Street in Indy last Friday. We had been contacted by the manager of the Bar, Emily Chapman to consider exhibiting. We decided it would be best to visit the place first.

The evening was cold, as it has been for months on end. Inside the bar, it was a warm and friendly crowd. The art space was upstairs in the Blue Room. The building dates from 1893 and the walls are adorned with wonderful period photos of the Indianapolis of the day. The were seventeen artists showing their wares, and lots of patrons were checking out the art. We were favorably impressed with the potential of the space for our art, and John made arrangements with Emily to exhibit at the next event May second,2014. I will be at the Orchard in Bloom show that weekend, but John will take our stuff there and I will perhaps be able to be there as well. They will have additional shows on first Friday in August and November and if the May event is successful, we will probably be there then as well.

We ate at the bar,(there are three). The crowd is young and hip and we did feel a little elderly to be in such a happening place. We were made to feel welcome by the spirited manager, Emily. She seemed to be everywhere at once, delivering food orders, stocking the bar and making the other artists feel as welcomes she did us. She suggested the fish and chips and tenderloin and both were tasty. There were several booths dispensing free samples of absinthe, whisky, wine and beer. People seemed to really enjoy themselves, sampling the free liquor and chatting with the artists and checking out the art.

If you happen to be downtown, we heartily recommend visiting the Elbow room for an authentic downtown experience.
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