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Monday, February 10, 2014

Lunch with Bruce

Had lunch at the Uptown cafe with my artist buddy Bruce Neckar, one of my favorite people. Bruce shares a studio with oil painter John Reynolds in the upstairs of the Judge Stone house, just south of the courthouse along the tracks. Bruce does wonderful drawings that he accents with oil pencils,a unique medium well suited to his favorite subject matter, birds and wildlife. He sells originals as well as prints that are reasonable in price and hard to distinguish from the originals. Bruce is expert at printing and his prints really show it. He has been a vendor at the Noblesville Farmer's Market. His studio at the Judge Stone house is open on Saturday morning and is a treat to visit. Don't miss it!

I always display his prints in my corkscrew and white birch picture frames, both at my shop and at shows I do. His work and mine as well as the work of John Bundy and John Reynolds.Bruce is the founder and leader of a group I am proud to be part of along with John Bundy and John Reynolds, the Nickel Plate boys,named for the Nickel plate arts group we all have supported from its inception.

Bruce is also leader of the bluegrass band, the Poison River boys. He is a naturalist and is hooked up with lots of people from the wildlife conservation world. He is very knowledgeable about birds and wildlife. I enjoy spending time with him and always learn something from him.

Over lunch, we were trying to plan for the coming year in an increasingly difficult economy. He and I both went to Ball State and if we ever interacted there, the fog of the past has obliterated any memories. We are kindred spirits and we try to support each other in any way we can.

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