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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring buzzard

Saw a buzzard while driving to the shop today. This is always a sign that spring is here. I did not see one until march last year.A nice thaw for the last two days and going to 58 tomorrow. Cut up some black locust slab wood I got at the sawmill last fall. I had hoped they would begin my firewood hoard for next year, but I have burnt so much wood this season, will need it to get through the rest of winter. I am hoping to see or hear redwings and Sandhills soon. This afternoon, I sat outside in my rocking chair sunning myself.

The Indiana Art Fair at the state Museum was a great success for my partner John Bundy. While I did not match him in sales, I did talk to a large number of people who indicated they were interested in coming to the shop. The show was well attended and the staff and volunteers at the Museum were terrific.
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