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Thursday, February 27, 2014


On the way home tonight, I slid by Lafayette Trace Park. It had been closed during the recent flooding, and you could see evidence of rushing water that has now receded. The creek along the road was full of mallards that flew away as I passed, probably a hundred or more. I drove down to the river and on the way back out, I saw a pair of Redheads with the low evening sun shining on them. It is uncommon to see them except way out in the middle of a lake. I may see one pair a year. The lighting made every beautiful detail stand out. Of course, I did not have my camera. I also saw several killdeer.

I was able to bring the temperature in the shop up to a point where I could sit a few feet away from the stove with a roaring fire and still see my breath. I have been wearing so many heavy clothes that I am getting a workout just getting dressed and hauling it around all day. I risked gluing some birchbark today to a bookshelf I rescued on heavy trash day. I hope it will dry ok. I am so tired of this cold. I long for a day when I can wear shorts and a t shirt and feel warm or even roasting hot breezes.

I talked to my son up in Cleveland and he said it was snowing like crazy up there. He is a plumber and he is facing similar problems. He is having trouble using PVC glue due to the cold.

On the way to the sawmill the other day, I noticed a profusion of varmits on the road, mostly raccoons and possums and one skunk, another sign of spring. I also saw a kettle of seven buzzards on the ground close to the road with their wings extended as they do in the morning to try to warm up.

I spent a little time sitting in my rocker letting the sun wash over me from my south window. My buddy Paul Van Duyn came by and we made arrangements to get together at Woody's for lunch tomorrow.

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