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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Redwings and Sandhills

I heard and saw redwings today as I stopped at the Harbor mart. Later at the shop about 1:00 pm I heard the unmistakable sound of sandhills and I went running out to see them. They were very high, two groups of about seventy- five and they were a little west of town. I called Bundy as they were headed his way and he saw them too. I might have seen a grackle, but too far way to be sure. So sweet to see the real signs of spring after this difficult winter, although March can be pretty mean. I saw a couple of pairs of ringneck ducks along the creek at Lafayette trace. They are my favorite ducks with their intricate rings on their bills and iridescent colors. It is easier to approach them than most ducks. I have been seeing mallards and gadwalls all winter, but the ring necks are really special.

On Tuesday, I was sitting by the fire at the shop and heard the unmistakable whistling roar of an A-10 going over from Atterbury to Fort Wayne. After I ran outside to see the first one, his wingman followed closely behind. I am sure glad those guys were not looking for me. The Taliban calls them " whistling death."

Water is gushing everywhere and the White river had lots of ice floating down, and the water was high.
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