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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I helped my buddy John Bundy pack up his truck to go to the Kentucky Crafted show in Lexington, Kentucky. He and his son Jason have decided to head south. I myself have no desire to travel overnight to do shows. They are quite a gamble right now and I do not want to be on the road. I did that for many years and I prefer to keep my little shop open and sleep in my own bed.

Saw a large flock of redwings feeding on the ground in a cornfield. They did not yet have their red patches on their shoulders. There have been lots of mallards at Lafayette trace and there have been large flights of geese that I see on the way home.

Ther were thirty-seven does and one buck at the meadow south of Gray's woods where I always see deer and coyotes.

A few people coming to the shop. I have been using up the plywood strips I have accumulated over the winter to make some picture frames, which I will later trim with white birchbark and willow. It has been too cold to spray paint or glue, but warmer days are on the way.
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