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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lapel Village Fair update

In addition to the many garage and rummage sales in the Lapel area, my landlord Mori Hershberger has made arrangements to open up the spacious upstairs above my shop during the Fair to sell a small part of his vast collection of vintage articles, including numerous John Deere bicycles, a wooden South Bend farm wagon, wooden wheels, furniture, sleds, farm equipment and all sorts of collectibles.

The upstairs was once home to the Redmen Lodge, and was used as a skating rink in the middle of the last century. It has been closed up for many years and used for storage. Mori has invested in making some repairs and has put in new windows and patched some problem areas and has arranged his collection in a way that it can be easily shopped.

It is a treat to just see this historic space, which he will be offering for rent in the future. I have spoken to a number of elderly residents who have described roller skating upstairs and hosting servicemen when it was used for the USO program during WWII.

It is not necessary to make a purchase to visit this historic space that almost no one has visited for nearly seventy years.

I have nearly completed my preparations for the fair and am hoping many people will visit my shop.
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