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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gallery 116

Today I took a load of my handmade rustic willow furniture to Gallery 116. I have been selling my work on consignment with them since they opened thirteen years ago. The girls have been my best boosters and tirelessly show my work at their bungalow shop right by the railroad tracks next to Fritz's car lot on, of course 116th street.

They carry lots of items that would be of interest to the young hip female clientele they have cultivated over the, clothing, and modern home accents.

I brought them a selection of birdhouses, leather vases and picture frames, birchbark logs, corkscrew willow and pussywillow bundles for decorative accents. Right next to their door outside they have a great spot for displaying the birdhouses on a stick that I do. They are the only shop that handles these unique items.

I also brought them a selection of fan shaped willow trellises. I also have a couple of new designs in the bird feeder category.

Gallery 116
8597 East 116th,
Fishers, Indiana


This cold snowy morning, as I was clearing the snow from my van in the frosty air,preparing to take my wife to work, we both heard a horned owl softly hooting nearby. This is one of my favorite sounds. Driving on some country roads this evening before dark, I saw several large groups of bluebirds, another favorite. The sun just went down, treating us to a spectacular RED sunset that will bring a cold night.

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