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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Although the weather has been cold with snow here and there, at least there has been some sun. The sky remains light longer in the evening, but the mornings seem unaffected. The sun does feel stronger when it hits my face as I have been lugging firewood from the sawmill and into the shop. I have not used up nearly as much firewood as at this time last year. Groundhog day, always a watershed event for heathen pagans like myself is just around the corner. It will soon be time to cut pussywillows for the upcoming season.

My buddy Bruce Neckar has recently seen a snowy owl near Cool Creek park. There have been a large number of Geese and ducks around along streams and in fields. I have seen large flocks of robins and huge flocks of starlings in the trees and fields. I talked to someone who recently saw five turkey Buzzards south of Indianapolis.

There has been little incentive to make much in the shop, but I have been getting rid of stuff I have decided I will not use in this lifetime and am burning up a lot of the wood I have scrounged from the sawmill as well. I am also trying to better organize what I am keeping. This past year has seen slow sales. It will be interesting to see the effect of lower gasoline prices.

My half price sale has a few more days to run, but there have been few takers.
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