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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The deeper into February we go, the more it seems this winter will never end. Although not the snowy bitter winter we had last year, it is still formidable.

I did see three buzzards at 116th and Gray road Sunday, near the flowing well. They were spreading their wings on the ground, seeming to try to warm them. No redwings or sandhills yet. Perhaps when this cold streak passes.

I have been sitting close to the fire, and reorganizing the shop, cutting up the excess of wood from the sawmill that I have accumulated and feeding it into the stove.

I have been sporadically working on a run of 25 medium stools, a few vases and I have a couple of orders to do, but I have become sluggish and lazy. Seasonal Affective Disorder? I guess everyone has it to some extent.

Looking forward to the Indiana Artisan Marketplace March 27-28-29 at the Expo hall at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

March and my annual pussywillow harvest seems far away, but it is just a few weeks away. This cold push will be followed by a warm one very soon.

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