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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Conner Prairie Project

After I completed an Inlaid star for Conner Prairie's Discovery zone, I was approached to complete a structure for their Treehouse project. Representatives visited my shop and we worked out a plan to complete two woven willow spires joined by a hemispherical shelter to be placed next to the treehouse which will open in July.

This is a large challenging project and it has moved me out of my comfort zone and has stimulated me to design and complete this structure. I am completing the spires at my shop and the shelter will be completed on site in time for the opening in July.

The project is framed by large corkscrew willow branches to be woven around. The origin of this design came from a failed cornucopia project. It just goes to show that even failure can be a learning experience. Constructing this project took me back to the construction of a wattle fence in Dayton, Ohio.

People in Lapel are wondering about what I am doing. I must admit it looks somewhat odd. I think it will be somewhat mysterious. It reminds me of a cairn that might have been used to mark a mystical place.

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